Testimonial 4 / by Tiffany Skilling

Transitioning to a New Home

"When we moved into our new home, it was wonderful to have Tiffany Skilling Interiors by my side. She took measurements of all the bedrooms, helping me to decide whose room should be whose among our  children, as well as helping me decide which furniture to keep and what to buy new. We also made some changes and updates throughout the house. Tiffany took some ideas that I had of my own and came up with dreamy designs for our spaces. She then shopped for decorations (keeping my style and tastes in mind), and when she showed up at my doorstep with all her finds, we were like two children on Christmas morning! Moving with 3 kids while pregnant with #4 was stressful, and it was so nice to know I was able to focus on my family and getting them settled while she was working behind the scenes to make our new house feel like a home. We have more projects in the works and I can’t wait to bring Tiffany in again! She’s sweet, kind and wonderful to work with! We couldn’t have done it without her!"

-- Jennifer Ranalli, Zionsville Resident