Testimonial 5 / by Tiffany Skilling

New Energy for an Old Space

"My experience working with Tiffany was fun!  I say that because home projects can get tedious and time consuming but her energy and enthusiasm makes working on projects fun.  She is very professional, timely and brings brilliant new insight to old spaces.  We worked on a bathroom in our old meridian-kessler home.  It was totally torn apart due to structural damage and leaks. We were overwhelmed with the design.  Tiffany was so excited about the potential that it brought back our excitement for the project.  

We love the design and Tiffany so much that we have used her in other rooms and plan to ask for her help in future remodeling projects. 

She really listened to our preferences and helped integrate our likes into a modern design that still fits with our older home." 

-- Anne Collins, Indianapolis Resident