Testimonial 2 / by Tiffany Skilling

A New Way of Looking at Design

"I worked with Tiffany on a total kitchen renovation that also involved the adjoining rooms (a den, dining room, hallway space, and living room), which were all existing spaces. However, we took down a partial wall between the kitchen and dining room so it looks like a totally new space.  

Our home looks like a different place.  The colors are softer and lighter, and the kitchen is so well organized and functional and actually fun to use, as I am not a great cook (haha).  I love the new colors on the walls and the furniture in the den and living room, along with the new custom curtains that just made our house come into the 21st century as we hadn’t updated since about the year 2000.  While it looks beautiful, what I love most is that is comfortable and inviting…it’s not a showroom, it’s our home!

Tiffany has been amazing to work with. She responds quickly to texts and emails and is always so gracious.  She has great contacts at various businesses to help find the right items for any renovation.  What I really love about her is that she was willing to work with some of my “quirky” requests: she added color to some walls and was patient with my indecision about the backsplash (but it turned out beautiful!!).  While she was willing to work with my tastes and desires, she also gently guided me away from what I was accustomed to into a new way of looking at design and how our home could look and feel."

-- Susan Weber, Indianapolis Resident