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ABOUT Tiffany Skilling INTERIORS

Tiffany Skilling Interiors was founded in 2015. Our TSI team carries each project from concept to realization, constantly collaborating with our clients as we create space plans, implement designs, and incorporate our clients’ unique aesthetic into their homes. TSI values its relationships with not only its clients, but also its growing list of strong and reliable vendors and contractors. We are proud to work on each project that comes our way. 

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meet Tiffany

A native of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Tiffany attended Michigan State University, graduating with a degree in apparel and textile design. Tiffany spent the early years of her career as a fashion designer and clothing production manager in New York City. After the 2008 market crash, Tiffany felt something was missing and wanted to try something new. She worked as Director of Operations for the high-end outdoor furniture company, Munder-Skiles in Garrison, NY. This gave Tiffany her first taste of interior design by working directly with interior design firms across the country. She and her husband, Jon, eventually made their way back to the Midwest to raise their young family, first in Michigan where she worked for the retailer Anthropologie, and then in Indianapolis, where they have resided for the past 8 years. 

Tiffany’s experience in fashion design, operations, and retail, along with her love of travel and antiquing, inspired her to start her own design firm, Tiffany Skilling Interiors, in 2015. TSI began as Tiffany renovated her own historic home and helped friends and family design their homes around their personal styles. As word traveled about Tiffany’s unique skillset of managing projects and customizing design, TSI flourished and expanded to include clients all over Meridian-Kessler neighborhood, where Tiffany and her family live.

Tiffany has found a passion in specializing in historical renovations; she finds enjoyment in conceptualizing whole home renovations, from planning the exterior and interior design, along with furnishings and finishing touches. Her focus is to create intentional, cohesive design from the curb all the way through to the back yard. 

Tiffany’s favorite aspect of her role in any design project she encounters is helping her clients tell their personal story through their collections and inspirations. She focuses on how her clients’ families live and ensures her designs reflect their journeys and daily way of life. Storytelling through design is what motivates Tiffany to share her passion on every project, big or small.

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meet Kelly

Kelly grew up in Northwest Indiana and graduated from Indiana University-Bloomington with a degree in business administration. She met her husband, Nick, in college, and they married soon after graduation and moved to Indianapolis. Kelly worked in corporate marketing for several years until becoming a stay-at-home mom to two daughters. In the midst of working and parenting, Kelly and Nick purchased an original Sears Kit bungalow home and fell in love with the way old homes tell a story. They jumped in to volunteering with their beloved neighborhood’s home tour, which took their appreciation of historic architecture to a new level and motivated them to renovate their sweet little bungalow. It was then that Kelly fell in love with the process of design and the challenge of updating an old home while maintaining its charming integrity.

Kelly’s mother-in-law owned an antiques shop, Colby Antiques, in Broad Ripple for nearly a decade, and Kelly credits her mother-in-law with teaching her how to marry vintage charm with modern-day living.

Upon her mother-in-law’s passing, Kelly and Nick inherited many antiques and well-loved pieces that furthered Kelly’s passion for storytelling through design and understanding the important connection heirlooms bring to a space.

As Kelly balanced motherhood and life, she found her way to a yoga mat and became a certified yoga instructor to share with others the beauty of being centered in your own space and the value of living with intention. She found that these philosophies applied to home design as well, as she continued to style her family’s home. She met Tiffany through a mutual friend, and they quickly discovered a shared love of intentional living, both through yoga and through design.

In January 2018, Tiffany asked Kelly to join Tiffany Skilling Interiors, and Kelly said “yes!” without hesitation to this wonderful opportunity. Since then, Kelly has been overjoyed to share in Tiffany’s dream of helping clients tell their own stories through the design of their homes.